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Self-connection, according to Tantra, is a fundamental concept that refers to our ability to understand and accept ourselves, our emotions, thoughts and behaviour, so that we can achieve a greater awareness of who we are and our divine potential.

According to Tantra, connection with oneself can be achieved through the practice of meditation, which helps us to become more aware of our body and mind and to achieve greater inner calm. In addition, Tantra places special emphasis on the importance of exploring our body through the practice of tantric exercises, which allow us to connect with our energy and gain a greater awareness of our being.

Creative expression is also considered important in Tantra, as it allows us to deeply explore our thoughts and emotions and discover new things about ourselves. In addition, Tantra emphasises the importance of taking care of our physical and mental well-being through regular exercise, healthy eating and adequate rest, as these are key elements in achieving a greater connection with ourselves.

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