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Me, my inner child and my character.

That three was the perfect number was already claimed by Pythagoras 3300 years ago, for he said that the number 3 represents the bond between unity (the number 1) and division (the number 2). The Pythagorean school was in very good company: Taoism theorises harmony between Earth, Man and Heaven, and in many religions (including Christianity) we encounter divine triads.

This triple presence is also reflected in human beings where 3 aspects coexist.

    • Me: my essence what I really am here and now.
    • My inner child: the most vulnerable and purest part of me. The part that most needs care, attention and love.
    • My character: my public and socially acceptable version, the ‘marketing’ version to sell and propose to the people around me.

How do these three parts interpenetrate in you? Do you feel their presence? Would you like to know more?

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