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I love you, because I love me

How hard is it to say I love you? How much do we look for this word and this feeling around us?

True love costs nothing because it is priceless and cannot be bought.

What limits us in expressing love? Often it is fear that limits our love: a feeling created by the brain to protect us. Fear usually stems from the possibility that an unknown or previously experienced event may occur and be potentially dangerous to ourselves.

For many people, to love is to hand over the keys to the heart to the beloved, to let the other decide for you, to give up individuality and what you want in the name of a universal love.

This is not true love: it is just a desire to disconnect, to give up control to another person. It is the desire to be a child again, to have a parent who cares for us totally and selflessly.

To love is to allow the energy of love to fill our hearts and, overflowing, to flow into the hearts of our nearest and dearest.

We can only suffer to the extent that we allow others to hurt us, not to the extent that we send love.

The moment we love someone because our heart is filled with love and not because of the need to receive another love in return for our love, then we can say I love you without fear of suffering.

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