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An ideal gift for those who want to experience a deep exchange of love, understanding and energy to and from their partner.

What is it for ?

Couples massage offers the possibility of connecting the energy of the couple with the Universe, through tantric massage. The couple can benefit from new energies that rebalance and bring a new vision of love.

How it is performed

Tantric couples massage involves two rituals: in the first one, the person with more masculine energy receives the massage from his partner and the massagist; in the second one, roles are exchanged.

In both rituals, the massagist will massage half of the body of the person receiving the massage while helping the person massaging the other half of the body, guiding them through the different steps. The person receiving the massage will experience the caresses of four hands.

Limits and options

The couple can choose between male (Daka) or female (Dakini) massagist, which parts of the body are massaged only by the partner or by both massagists, depending on the recipient's wishes. Although it is helpful to be able to receive a full body massage, total nudity is not necessary.

We do not like to work with a constant eye on the clock. Times are approximate and may be exceeded.
If the appointment takes longer than expected, tips are accepted!

3 hours massage

(75 minutes per person and 30 minutes of theory)

Daka € 200

Dakini € 250

4 hours massage

(90 minutes per person and 1 hour of theory)

Daka € 230

Dakini € 280

5 hours massage

(120 minutes per person and 1 hour of theory)

Daka € 250

Dakini € 300