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Hugging is a form of physical contact that allows us to feel protected, loved and comfortable. Sometimes, when we are sad or worried, hugging someone makes us feel better. But why do hugs have this effect on us?

One study showed that it is not possible to tickle ourselves because our mind knows what is coming and does not perceive our touch as a threat. In other words, our mind recognises our own touch and does not react involuntarily, as it does when someone else tickles us. By the same principle, hugging ourselves does not bring the same benefits as receiving and, at the same time, giving a hug.

Hugging has numerous beneficial effects on both mind and body. When we hug someone, our body releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel happy and relaxed. In addition, hugs help us reduce stress and blood pressure and can also improve our immunity.

Hugs also allow us to feel part of a group and have a sense of belonging. When we hug someone, we feel accepted and loved, which can have a positive effect on our self-esteem and self-confidence.

Finally, hugs can help us create and maintain positive relationships with others. Hugs make us feel connected to someone and give us the opportunity to show our affection and concern for others.

In summary, hugs are a form of physical contact that makes us feel protected, loved and comfortable, and has numerous benefits for our mind and body. So, do not hesitate to seek a hug whenever you need one! Even if we cannot hug ourselves, we can always seek the physical contact of someone else to benefit from it.

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