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The first Chakra

The first chakra, also known as ‘muladhara’ in the Tantric tradition, is the area of energy located in the lower part of the body, at the level of the perineum. It is associated with the earth element and the colour red, and is the chakra of security, stability and preservation.

In tantra, the first chakra is considered the chakra of sexuality and creativity. It is where our sexual energy resides and our ability to generate new life. It is also the chakra of connection with our body and our sense of belonging to the earth.

When the first chakra is in balance, we feel comfortable with our sexuality and our body, and are able to express our creativity in a natural and authentic way. Furthermore, we are anchored in the present and have a solid foundation on which to build our lives.

On the other hand, when the first chakra is unbalanced or blocked, we may have difficulty connecting with our sexuality and our body, and we may also have difficulty expressing our creativity in an authentic way. Furthermore, we may feel insecure, vulnerable and rootless.

In tantra, presence and conscious touch are seen as a way to rebalance the first chakra and restore energetic balance. Through the practice of breathing and meditation techniques, we can connect with our sexual energy and reach a higher state of awareness.

Furthermore, the practice of tantra can be helpful in rebalancing the first chakra, as it helps to strengthen the body and mind and achieve a greater sense of stability and security. Other activities that can help rebalance the first chakra include meditation, deep breathing and contact with nature.

In conclusion, the first chakra is an important area of our energy and must be kept in balance to ensure both physical and emotional stability and security. Conscious Tantric practice can be helpful in rebalancing the first chakra and achieving a healthy and conscious balance.

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