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Tantric couples massage

Starting the New Year with a tantric couples massage could be a great idea to relax and strengthen the connection between you and your partner. Here are some tips to get you started:

Choose a quiet and comfortable place to have the massage. It could be a room specifically dedicated to meditation or wellness, or even simply a room where there is little distraction.

Prepare the ambience with scented candles, incense and relaxing music.

Choose a massage oil suitable for your partner’s skin. Make sure to warm it slightly before starting the massage to make the sensation more pleasant.

Start slowly, gently massaging your partner’s shoulders, back and legs. You could also include breathing and meditation techniques during the massage.

Remember to always communicate with your partner during the massage and ask if there is any area of the body they would like you to avoid or would like more attention.

End the massage with a moment of relaxation and connection, perhaps hugging and thanking your partner for the massage.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you! Happy Tantric Couple’s Massage!

If you liked the tips you have just read and if you want to try an even more enveloping and rewarding experience, I invite you to try the tantric couples massage we offer at Tantra Tenerife.

In addition to finding a dedicated space, relaxing music, incense and a safe and secure environment for you and your partner, you will find professionals who will accompany you in a beautiful and profound couples ritual. You will be guided in turn through the steps of the tantric massage ritual so that you can connect deeply with yourself and your partner.

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