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To avoid any misunderstanding, we strongly recommend that our clients read the page explaining quwhat tantric massage is and how it is performed in our center

Tantra Tenerife.


We do not like to work with a constant eye on the clock. Times are approximate and may be exceeded.
If the date lasts longer than planned, tips are welcome!


First Tantric massage

Our desire is than you receive your massage in the best possible way, so for your first time we will do a brief telephone interview, in order to know each other, then if you want we schedule an appointment at our center for your massage.​

That day, we start with a theoretical class of about 60 minutes aproximatly where we explain we´re going to do, and then two hours of tantric massage.


Price per male masseuse (Daka) € 150


Price per female masseuse (Dakini) € 180

Tantric massage


For those who have already attended one of our courses or for those who have already received a first massage. The massage includes at least two hours of treatment and a space at the end of the massage to share the experience with the operator.


Price per male masseuse (Daka) € 100


Price per female masseuse (Dakini) € 150

Tantric couples massage


You can choose sessions of 3, 4 or 5 hours with a male or female masseur.

Price per male masseur (Daka) 3h € 200, 4h € 230, 5h € 250.

​Price per female masseur (Dakini) 3h € 250, 4h € 280, 5h € 300.

Courses and counselling


Tantric massage course

Learn how to do tantric massages with our 10/16 and 20 hours courses with final diploma.

10 hours € 250
16 hours € 325
20 hours €350


Relaxing massage course


Relaxing massage course for one or two people.
The course has a total duration of 10 hours, and upon completion a certificate of participation is awarded.

10 hours € 200

Individual or couple counselling


Individual or couple training. Together with the facilitator, you will follow a tantric path of self-discovery. The course will be determined according to your needs and goals.

1 person € 35 hour

2 persons € 25 hour

4 persons € 20 hour