Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage for men, women and couples

What to expect from a tantric massage?

Massage is one of the most intense forms of communication for both humanity and the animal kingdom: even the majority of animal species practice a ritual of seduction that involves the gentle rubbing of bodies.

Tantric massage is normally performed between a man and a woman, but if requested it is possible to receive a massage from a masseuse of the same sex.

Before starting the massage proper, there will be a theoretical and learning part for the recipient in which the different phases of the massage will be analysed, the importance of breathing and how to breathe correctly throughout the massage will be explained, and any doubts and limitations of the recipient will be checked in order to respect any of his or her preferences and wishes.

First Tantric massage

Our desire is than you receive your massage in the best possible way, so for your first time we will do a brief telephone interview, in order to know each other, then if you want we schedule an appointment at our center for your massage.​

That day, we start with a theoretical class of about 60 minutes aproximatly where we explain we´re going to do, and then two hours of tantric massage.

Price per male masseuse (Daka) € 150

Price per female masseuse (Dakini) € 180

Tantric massage

For those who have already attended one of our courses or for those who have already received a first massage. The massage includes at least two hours of treatment and a space at the end of the massage to share the experience with the operator.

Price per male masseuse (Daka) € 100

Price per female masseuse (Dakini) € 150


What is tantric massage for?

Doing or receiving a tantric massage allows you to achieve the right balance between mind and body and transfer this condition also in the act of love, for example with your partner, through the unblocking of energy, so that you intensify emotions and learn to control and prolong pleasure and moments of ecstasy.


Obviously, all this is hindered by our mental schemes, our character, our internal wounds, our moral conditioning, and Tantra can represent the overcoming of these over time.


With massage we do not want to delve into psychology, but simply help with the ability and awareness of the present to have a more direct and marked perception of the sensations of our body and make us live better the present, «the here and now». «Guided by the intuition and sensitivity of the Tantric@».


Any rigidity in the physical body and in the mental attitude hinders the flow of energy: over time, this blockage causes the acceleration of the aging process, the appearance of physical illnesses of various kinds and emotional illnesses ranging from depression to guilt, passing through the general loss of love for life.


In our society, everything has acquired a formal character, from the handshake to the most intimate aspects, and it is to be expected that many love contacts will take place in a standardized way, with repeated and predictable gestures, in the absence of any creativity and with little mutual satisfaction.


In the civilization of machines, man appears mechanized not only in his body, but even in his thoughts and feelings. Between these two extremes, the handshake and the love connection, there is today, from the point of view of contact, a great gap.


If the feeling of loneliness is so widespread, the causes lie, at least in part, in this simple reality. Contact through massage, when applied correctly, is an Ariadne’s thread that allows us to get out of the darkest labyrinth.


Gentle and harmonious stimuli instill confidence: It is well known that physical contact feeds self-esteem and the ability to trust and abandon oneself.


Among the immediate effects of tantric massage are the positive results in the psycho-affective-corporeal sphere, the release of tension and stress, energy recharge, transformations and changes can also occur in the way we perceive ourselves and the reality that surrounds us, including a reactivation of sexual energies.


Very often, those who receive a tantric massage perceive very clearly the reactivation or enhancement of bodily vitality and creativity.


Massage is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and maintain a good nervous balance in the continuous rediscovery of our body. The healing aspect is definitely a special feature of tantric massage.


It also aims to promote, when necessary, the release of energy so that it can flow freely through the body through the «meridians», positively influencing all aspects of life.  In general, even when there are no emotional blocks, it allows an improvement in the energy of the body. Tantric massage can release blocked energy and help resolve internal conflicts that affect interpersonal relationships , allowing a happy, healthy and rewarding experience as a couple, so it can also have beneficial effects on the couple, obviously if they know transcend aspects of jealousy and possession.


Tantric Massage, as we have already said, can be considered a path of personal growth like all other yogic practices, since it is a powerful sensory experience that you exercise, listening to the Being, and freeing yourself from conditioning. The practice has often had incredible beneficial effects on specific male and female problems related to the psycho-corporeal sphere.


The skin is the thin line of demarcation between the inner and outer world, and the hands, being receptive and transmitting means, are often able to penetrate the deep world of our being, to instill well-being and calm, loosen knots and tensions, charge it with energy and when they are sensitive and trained, capable of feeling and perceiving the other, they can also help the body’s self-healing process.


The results, always important, are however individual and different from one person to another and from one time to another, as is always the case on any path of inner growth.


The effects of tantric massage are not immediately predictable, because its objective is mainly to expand the latent and unexpressed energies of the receiver. Therefore, it is not possible to imagine in advance what kind of energy will be expressed, be it pleasure, joy, emotion, etc.

What is tantric massage?

Therefore, tantric massage is, in fact, a tantric experience. It is carried out in nudity, both for the person who receives the ritual and for the one who gives it ; being naked leads to greater sensitivity when receiving the massage, along with a greater sense of freedom. During the treatment, the body’s energies are stimulated to flow better, also increasing pleasure. All this serves to improve the perception of the senses, to know oneself better both from within and in relation to the outside. It is practiced with a very intense manual dexterity and, above all, with a particular inner attitude.


It thus becomes a great opportunity for meditation and self-expansion; continuous listening. From a technical point of view, tantric massage is expressed through an intense succession of manual techniques aimed at stimulating a meditative state through a more intense perception of physicality and sensory capacities, without avoiding genital stimulation. In this case, genital stimulation is not aimed at procuring mere pleasure, but at treating the genitals as if they were (and are) any other part of the body , without morally avoiding them as usual, leaving this important body part, and central of the primary sexual energy, disintegrated with the rest of the body, also because the tantric massage it focuses on generalized bodily pleasure and not just genital.


In any case, tantric massage is not a method to underline an erotic relationship that is not . The human body is a whole and everything is sacred, worthy and worthy of attention. There are no areas forbidden by the Spirit. Unfortunately, in our society, misinformation and miseducation are still rampant.


Tantric massage is not sex, much less an opportunity to express base instincts: for that there are, if anything, specific services in other areas .


The deep meaning of massage is, therefore, the global body integration that finally allows us to feel united and recomposed both in the heart and in the perceived corporality.


Tantric massage cannot be performed in series, it will change and transform from person to person since each person has a different body and energy. Also, even if it is performed on the same person, the massage will never be the same because the energy will change with it from time to time.

What sensations and effects does tantric massage produce?

The sensations and effects are completely subjective, since it is about a release of one’s own energy and a deep recognition of oneself and one’s own individuality, it is evident that the perceptions and effects are diverse. In general, however, it can be said that a deep sense of liberation, peace, harmony and rebalancing are observed as constant effects.


Tactile stimulations, which affect the psychosomatic aspects of the massage, alternating between powerful techniques, soft caresses, sacred rituals, sensual and meditative manual techniques, activation of chakras and other subtle energies.


The spiritual aspect in tantric massage can be expressed through intimate and silent listening , inner purity , action that comes from the Heart, awareness of the “Sacredness of the body” perceived as the temple of the Soul .


Tantric touch is a tool that develops awareness, which is the true and only goal of Tantra. Tantric ritual massage is both experiential and meditative, designed to awaken body awareness, helping to reconnect with our unconscious, where the traces of our deepest conditioning reside.

How to practice tantric massage?

Today there is a great fashion for tantric massages where innumerable massage centers have risen commercially, on the wave of fame of this type of experiential path.

Some of them really transmit a true tantric essence, others not so much, or even hide a simple paid sex, among other much more expensive things.



Connection with the heart or IV chakra

Tantric massage has a powerful connection with the Heart and with affectivity and this must be transmitted to the person receiving the massage.

Tantra is the Way of the Heart and if it is missing it cannot be called tantric massage, but we could better call it sensual massage, sex for money.



Respect the time of the energy curve and respect the person

Frequently there is no coincidence between the masseur and the person receiving the massage about the experience, since it would be desirable to help the client understand what kind of sensations he experienced and what interpretation we can give.



Absence of an obsessive search for orgasm

In many centers there is also a strong search for the client’s orgasm: or massage ends with an orgasm or is considered to have failed.

This is absolutely out of the tantric way. Tantra teaches how to get out of the search for orgasm, and not search for it . Tantra is also the expansion of our sensory perceptions that go through the whole body and not just through the genitals.



Tantric massage is more of an emotional journey, which certainly does not marginalize the senses and pleasure, but at the same time gets out of the orgasm trap at all costs. This obsessive search for the orgasmic drive usually deprives tantric massage of some of its peculiar aspects, which are also closely linked to personal healing through the achievement of deep states of the self, and also accustoms the recipient to a dysfunctional and disharmonious perception. of the Tantric Way. All this gives rise to an apparently satisfactory experience at first, but which in the end leaves a certain bitterness in the mouth.


The true tantric experience, in its most original essence, must be translated into an emotional, affective, sensory and sensual journey, always a little different, where deep parts of oneself are touched, where the Tantrik is very close, both physically and with the Heart, to the one receiving the massage, without an obsessive search for orgasm (as we are used to in the West) and without a particular rush, which has always been an enemy of Tantra, on the contrary with rituals at the end of the massage and sharing the experience.


First Tantric massage

We want you to receive your massage in the best way possible, so the first time we will do a brief telephone interview followed by an appointment at our center, where you will receive a theory class of about 60 minutes and at least two hours of massage.

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