An invitation to listen to yourself

Tantra Tenerife Tantric Massage

Transport yourself beyond the limitations of your everyday life. At Tantra Tenerife we create the time and space you need to connect with your body, mind and soul. Join us for our next Tantra Retreat or enjoy our tantric massage courses and sessions conducted by professionals.


Have you heard about tantra and would like to get closer to this world but fear that you might have to undress or do things that might make you feel uncomfortable? 

An encounter with yourself

Tantra Tenerife: Tantric massage, massages, training and courses

Tantric massage is intended to lead to a sensory experience of listening to the Self and, therefore, of spiritual expansion and elevation and energetic reactivation. When we allow ourselves full access to ourselves, to our true sense of Being, remaining outside and free from social schemes and conditioning, a door is opened to access deeper dimensions of existence itself, to become fully aware of who we really are, transforming a massage into a unique experience: the tantric massage.


Thanks for trusting us

09:47 01 Jun 24
Tuve una maravillosa experiencia de masaje tántrico con Pier. Explicó todo detalladamente de antemano, fue muy atento, de buen corazón, afectuoso y mantuvo muy bien el espacio. Después de la sesión me ayudó con la integración. Lo recomendaría mucho a las mujeres que buscan un Tantra auténtico y seguro.
Gerald JauchGerald Jauch
17:33 29 May 24
Fue un hermoso masaje y experiencia espiritual. Pierre primero explicó todo con gran detalle y de forma comprensible en perfecto inglés. Emanuella, quien dio el masaje, es una gran persona emocional que sabe cómo construir una conexión con el corazón. ¡Un gran gracias!
Olimpo Montes MontesOlimpo Montes Montes
19:15 09 May 24
No suelo dejar comentarios tras experiencias en restaurantes, comercios, o ante cualquier otro tipo de atención, pero es justo que lo haga con referencia al masaje que recibí hace unos días de manos de Pier. Sinceramente, no pensé que pudiera alcanzar, no sólo una relajación completa, sino la ausencia total de dolores o molestias y continuar con esa sensación de bienestar aún habiendo pasado más de 10 días. Sin duda armonizaste mis chakras, Pier. Espero volver pronto. Gracias. (Alberto)
Aron TasserAron Tasser
16:05 30 Apr 24
Era la primera vez que experimentaba un masaje tántrico, así que estaba un poco nerviosa al principio, pero después de recibir la bienvenida inmediatamente me sentí como en casa. Me sentí escuchada y verdaderamente comprendida durante todo el viaje 🫶 hubo lágrimas, risas, reflexiones profundas y más. No puedo esperar a volver allí, siento como si me hubieran abierto una nueva puerta. ¡Gracias!
Beniamin FeichterBeniamin Feichter
09:27 30 Apr 24
Super buen masaje tántrico. ¡Experiencia maravillosa! Definitivamente puedo recomendar el servicio de Pierrsandro.
Laura RLaura R
09:18 21 Mar 24
EXPERIENCIA MÁGICA.Pierandrea me explicó en qué consiste la Filosofía Tántrica y posteriormente me narró cómo iba a ser el Ritual Tántrico.Fui dos veces y ambas excepcionales.Desde que entré en el Templo, Pierandrea hizo que me encontrase muy cómoda y olvidase mis complejos, me sentí protegida y segura. Me guió durante toda la experiencia del Ritual Tántrico, me enseñó a respirar, a que conectase con mi cuerpo y a que notase cómo mi energía recorría distintas partes del mismo, conecté con mi cuerpo conscientemente, me transmitió seguridad y confianza. Todo el ritual se llevó a cabo con mucho respeto y pudiendo poner límites.Pierandrea es un ser maravilloso. Estoy muy agradecida por todo lo que me enseñó. Muchísimas gracias Pierandrea por ayudarme a introducirme en el maravilloso mundo del Tantra.
Irina SantosIrina Santos
17:53 18 Mar 24
Mi experiencia de masaje tántrico con Pierandrea ha sido buenísima. Todo un profesional, con mucho conocimiento , presencia y entrega. Sin duda muy recomendable. Gracias.🙏
18:35 12 Mar 24
Pierandrea es realmente un profesional. Me hizo sentir en seguridad y protegida en un espacio íntimo y acogedor. No me sentí juzgada y pude fluir en mi propia energía en un viaje maravilloso hacia mi Ser. En todo momento me guío y acompañó en el proceso, estando presente y siendo respetuoso. Me explicó todo el proceso en detalle lo que me dio confianza y seguridad. Además, de indicarme que soy libre de seguir o no, que puedo marcar límites sin sentirme mal por ello. Me ayudó a escucharme y fue maravilloso. Con ganas de repetir la experiencia y por supuesto que recomiendo a todo aquel que cómo yo, duda y no se atreve a saltar el paso por condicionamiento mental. Es una experiencia única, personal e irrepetible. Así que a hacerlo
Renata Di VirgilioRenata Di Virgilio
21:44 15 Jan 24
Mi experiencia de Tantra con Pierandrea fue muy positiva! Pierandrea es un profesional con mucho conocimiento y sensibilidad.Este primer masaje tantrico para mi fue una experiencia única, curiosa y mágica, donde conecté con mi cuerpo y mi energía con compasión y amor, sensaciones y vibraciones.Lo recomiendo altamente 🙏
Thierry TaboniThierry Taboni
10:56 29 Oct 23
Participé en un curso de masaje tántrico, mi experiencia has sido mágica, y después de un mes sigo sentiento está mágia de amor verdadero. Gracias Pier por ti devoción y pasión por la enseñanza. Me sentí muy en confianza y llenó de amor.

Upcoming Events

Sensory Harmony: Discover the Secret of Tantric Massage

By the end of the course you will have the basics of tantric massage, including yoni and lingam (genital) massage.
Los Cristianos
31/05/2024 4:00 pm

Learn to give relaxing massages in 10 hours

Los Cristianos

Discovering tantra in a 4-hour workshop

Give the gift of an unforgettable experience with our 4-hour Tantra course. Perfect for individuals, couples or small groups looking to deepen their connection, love and self-knowledge. Explore the keys to Tantra and transform your life.
Los Cristianos

Choose your type of Therapy

Tantra may be a little overwhelming at first, which is why we have two different therapies so that you always stay comfortable and can enjoy Tantra without compromising your comfort.

White Tantra

White Tantra does not involve nudity and is often used to describe the purely spiritual path of Tantra. It uses meditation, breath work, sounds and postures. It is an ideal path for those who wish to gain the benefits of Tantra but do not feel comfortable without clothes.

Red Tantra

Red Tantra focuses on the dual masculine and feminine energies present in each of us and how the two come together to form the complete divinity. In Red Tantra we do not perform sexual acts but work with the energy of the first Chakra to direct and sublimate it to the Crown Chakra.

Many Red Tantra exercises involve nudity and physical contact (based on respect and awareness) between practitioners.

Meet our team

We are a circle of healers dedicated to the sacred art of tantric massage. Join our vibrant community of wellness and connection.



I perceive Tantra as an opportunity for an encounter with ourselves to give us the chance to get to know and accept ourselves.



Tantric massage is a path of healing and awakening that traverses body, mind and spirit to achieve a deeper connection with oneself and others.



Love and Tantra are for me the divine connection that embraces the energy of the universe.



The art of Tantra is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves; as we learn to love ourselves deeply, the world will respond with love.

Massage or be massaged?

There's no need to choose

Can’t decide if it’s better to be a masseuse or have a massage yourself? Would you like to approach the world of massage from a more professional point of view or do you simply want to enjoy a good massage?

At Tantra Tenerife we organize massage courses for those who want to learn aesthetic, relaxing and tantric massage techniques.

In addition, anyone who wants to receive a massage can make an appointment at our center or at home.

From my heart to your heart

Dear friend,


today I would like to share with you one of the most profound and mysterious wonders of the human experience: tantric massage. This ancient practice is a path to spiritual connection, unconditional love and the exploration of the vital energy that flows within us. Before I begin, however, I would like to dispel any common misconceptions.


Tantric massage is not what the media or society often portray it to be: a superficial sexual practice or a road to a ‘happy ending’. On the contrary, Tantric massage is a sublime art, a delicate dance between divine essence and earthly experience. It is a profound journey towards self-knowledge, awareness and limitless love.


Tantric massage engages the body, mind and soul, opening the doors of consciousness and allowing the authentic expression of who we really are. Through loving and conscious touch, latent life energy is awakened, flowing throughout our being and dissolving the barriers that separate us from our divine essence.


However, it is important to understand that tantric massage goes beyond the physical or sexual aspect. It is not a performance or a service, but a sacred dance, a deep connection between the therapist and the receiver. It is not a selfish experience, but an act of unconditional love and shared awareness.


In tantric massage, time slows down, boundaries dissolve and we immerse ourselves in a space of intimacy and trust. Each caress is imbued with respect, compassion and total presence. It is the moment to drop all masks, all expectations and allow our authentic self to emerge.


Through tantric massage, we learn to let go of the fears, insecurities and tensions that limit us. We open ourselves to a wider dimension of sensory, emotional and spiritual experience. It is a dance in which the body becomes an instrument of connection, ecstasy and transformation.


So, if you wish to experience tantric massage, I invite you to do so with an open heart, a mind free of prejudice and a deep thirst to explore your authentic self. Seek out qualified and reliable practitioners who have a solid knowledge of tantra and who act ethically and respectfully.


Remember, tantric massage is a gateway to self-knowledge, unconditional love and ecstasy of being. It is a sacred dance between the divine and the human, an invitation to unfold within and discover the beauty and depth of your authentic nature.


During tantric massage, you will experience sensations of pleasure and deep relaxation, but remember that its main purpose is to awaken the vital energy and love that reside within you. It is not an experience based on the expectation of a specific outcome or sexual gratification. It is an invitation to explore the transformative potential of your being and to connect with your deepest essence.


During tantric massage, you can immerse yourself in a dimension beyond the limits of time and space, where the unity of body, mind and soul merge. It is an opportunity to embrace your wholeness and celebrate the beauty of your being.


I encourage you to explore tantra with an open mind and a curious heart. Let this ancient practice guide you to a greater knowledge of yourself, a deeper connection with others and an unconditional love that embraces all that you are.


Tantric massage is an invitation to dance with your essence, to celebrate life and discover the ecstasy in simply being alive. Don’t let stereotypes or prejudices keep you away from this wonderful experience. Open yourself to what tantra has to offer and be prepared to explore the depths of your being in ways that may surprise and enrich you.


Pierandrea Saraco

Love and Self-listening

Why Tantra Tenerife?

We have created Tantra Tenerife with the idea that our visitors can embark on a journey from the outside world to their inner nature in the most dazzling and blissful places. We are sure that with us you will live such an enriching experience that you will take away memories to last a lifetime and change the concept of routine for days full of magic, love and happiness.

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Receive a tantric massage

A tantric massage is an emotional experience: it is a gift you can give yourself to take your self-awareness to a higher level.

The benefits of tantric massage are many, including: relieving tension, eliminating anxiety, improving physical and mental balance, helping to overcome abuse, combating states of anorgasmia or difficulty in achieving sexual pleasure, curing premature ejaculation, promoting a state of calm, accompanying towards a higher state of consciousness, improving sexual life, facilitating the process of self-acceptance and improving the relationship with ourselves.

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