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Tantric massage in sacred texts

Tantric massage is an ancient practice with its origins in India, dedicated to uniting body and spirit through body manipulation. The word ‘tantra’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘weaving’ or ‘expansion’, and Tantric massage concentrates on magnifying sexual energy throughout the body to reach a higher spiritual consciousness.

The practice of Tantric massage involves breathing and meditation to become more aware of one’s body and breath. Furthermore, the masseur employs body manipulation such as touch, pressure and rubbing to stimulate the body’s energy points known as ‘chakras’. In India, Tantric massage has been used for centuries to gain greater insight into oneself and one’s body, as well as to treat mental health issues such as fear and depression. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly popular in the West as a type of sexual therapy and wellness.

Everyone should know that Tantric massage has its origins in sacred texts. For instance, Chinese Taoist literature references similar practices to gain greater self-awareness and understanding of the body, as well as a form of meditation. Moreover, the Bible and the Qur’an both speak of the power of touch and manipulation of the body to improve spiritual awareness. The Bible mentions oils and ointments used in sacred ceremonies, while the Qur’an talks about using massage to heal the ill.

To sum up, Tantric massage is an ancient ritual with a connection to many spiritualities and is used to bring together body and spirit through massage and meditation. References in the Bible and Qur’an demonstrate this practice’s longstanding history in relation to spirituality. Today, it is also employed as a way to enhance sexual life and emotional wellbeing.

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