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Olimpo Montes MontesOlimpo Montes Montes
19:15 09 May 24
I don't usually leave comments after experiences in restaurants, shops, or any other type of service, but it is only fair that I do so in reference to the massage I received a few days ago from Pier. Honestly, I didn't think I could achieve not only complete relaxation, but also the total absence of pain or discomfort and continue with that feeling of well-being even after more than 10 days had passed. You certainly harmonized my chakras, Pier. I hope to come back soon. Thank you. (Albert)
Aron TasserAron Tasser
16:05 30 Apr 24
It was my first time experiencing a tantric massage so I was a little nervous in the beginning, but after being welcomed it immediately felt like home. I felt listened to and truly understood throughout the whole journey 🫶 there were tears, laughter, deep insights and more. Can’t wait to go there again it feels like a new door was opened for me. Thank you!
Beniamin FeichterBeniamin Feichter
09:27 30 Apr 24
Super good tantric massage. Wonderful experience! I can definitely recommend the service from Pierrsandro.
Laura RLaura R
09:18 21 Mar 24
MAGICAL EXPERIENCE.Pierandrea explained to me what the Tantric Philosophy consists of and later told me what the Tantric Ritual was going to be like.I went twice and both times were exceptional.Since I entered the Temple, Pierandrea made me feel very comfortable and forget my complexes, I felt protected and safe. He guided me throughout the experience of the Tantric Ritual, he taught me to breathe, to connect with my body and to notice how my energy ran through different parts of it, I consciously connected with my body, he gave me security and confidence. The entire ritual was carried out with great respect and being able to set limits.Pierandrea is a wonderful being. I am very grateful for everything he taught me. Thank you very much Pierandrea for helping me introduce myself to the wonderful world of Tantra.
Irina SantosIrina Santos
17:53 18 Mar 24
My tantric massage experience with Pierandrea has been great. A true professional, with a lot of knowledge, presence and dedication. Without a doubt highly recommended. Thank you.🙏
18:35 12 Mar 24
Pierandrea is truly a professional. It made me feel safe and protected in an intimate and welcoming space. I did not feel judged and I was able to flow with my own energy on a wonderful journey towards my Being. At all times he guided me and accompanied me in the process, being present and respectful. He explained the entire process to me in detail which gave me confidence and security. In addition, it tells me that I am free to follow or not, that I can set limits without feeling bad about it. He helped me listen to myself and it was wonderful. I want to repeat the experience and of course I recommend it to everyone who, like me, doubts and does not dare to skip the step through mental conditioning. It is a unique, personal and unrepeatable experience. So let's do it
An unforgettable experience, Pier and Viola are very nice and very professional people, I recommend them. Regards
Martine DetrezMartine Detrez
20:39 05 Feb 24
After following 20 hours of training, Pier kindly initiated us. We have embarked on a wonderful inner journey in search of self-knowledge. We discovered the best teachers.
Julian WeinmannJulian Weinmann
11:30 15 Dec 23
Wonderful experience with Pierandrea and Viola - will be back for sure 🙂
Christian MorlockChristian Morlock
20:26 13 Nov 23
We are very happy to have met with Pier ☀️❤️ He helped us — as a couple — to understand how important it is to feel the gift of being with each other and to communicate better by being clear about what we want and wish for. By this we can feel our connection deeper and be more aware of it.We first did not know what to expect to meet somebody for a “tantra lesson” and had been a bit excited too. In the end it was like meeting a close friend to help you feel your own balance and where you focus your awareness on. Thank you so much for that experience, dear Pier. May you live 200 years to help many many humans.
I connected with Pier thanks to a friend, during my holidays en Tenerife.I arrived with my constitution of the day, I was a little bit nervous and in my mind, but very exciting also.I knew already about tantrism and I haved some experiences, so I was already in trust.I really enjoyed the welcome and the way Pier adapted our session during the temple.It was a progressive and most respectful travel trough which I could enter deeply in my body and feel the ecstasy.I’m very grateful for our exchange and for the trust that was born throughout this temple.Thank you Pier for what you offer.With all my love.Megane.
Justyna DJustyna D
15:08 27 Dec 22
We did a couple of hours of tantra consulting for couples.A beautiful experience with Pier who 1st gave us space to express ourselves as a real mentor: explaining the principles and philosophy of tantra, who then guided us through several exercises and practices. It was such a lovely moment for me and my boyfriend.Pier is such a nice person, caring a lot of beautiful loving energy willing to share it with others😍Definitely recommendable experience ♥️ Muchas gracias Pier 🙏🤗
Vladimir MatovicVladimir Matovic
19:52 09 Nov 22
Woah! One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Pier made the setting very safe, comfortable and peaceful for us to enjoy our very first couples massage.He is one of the REAL ones when it comes to Tantra, and if you truly care about having a proper, and not a charlatan, guide he is your guy.Grazie Mile, Pier!