White Tantra and Red Tantra

What’s your choice today?

I believe that Tantra is a path: you can walk, you can run, you can drive or you can ride on skates. You can decide to go alone, by group or as a couple, with a friend that you just met or have known for years, or with a loved one. We can decide to stop at one or several stores on this street or leave home with a precise destination in mind.

Tantra is a path

We can take advantage of the walk to look at the people we meet, the shop windows, or to chat nicely with the companions or with ourselves… We could continue finding similarities between the street and Tantra and all of them would fit 100% with the tantric philosophy.

The path of Tantra is not pre-established: there are no things that one has to do, there are no compulsory stages, much less predetermined times in which to stay. In tantra we always have the possibility to choose what we now like and feel we want to do and what we prefer to leave for another day or another life.

Tantra is a journey

Tantra is a wonderful journey to discover ourselves, our emotions, our inner child and what separates us from achieving happiness and balance.

Depending on our taste, sensitivity and preference, we can decide to start our journey following the path of White Tantra or Red Tantra. 

White Tantra

White Tantra is meditative in nature, does not require nudity for its practice, and focuses more on the energetic processes related to self-exploration. White tantra helps us become aware of our body, our energy and our physical state through self-listening, breathing and spontaneous movement. There are white tantra rituals that trigger powerful processes that allow us to heal our emotional wounds and the physical and psychological blocks to which we are tied. Once these limitations are understood and healed, we can allow ourselves to live a better and happier life.

Red Tantra

Red Tantra (or Root Tantra) is a couple or group practice in which the practitioner seeks powerful help from the other person to awaken their energy. For example, it is a process similar to the one that leads us to look in the mirror in the morning before leaving home to check if we are in order. In this process we do not look at or touch the other person in the mirror in front of us, since the intention is towards ourselves. In red tantra, visual or physical contact with the other person serves to awaken our energy: it helps us to investigate and trigger personal growth processes, it helps us to reconnect with our inner child, to trigger healing processes of the physical body and emotional, to free ourselves from psychological blocks, emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and reconnect with lost sensations and emotions.

Tantra and the heart

In tantra we allow our heart to express itself, we allow the emotions to come to the surface in their entirety, accepting them, and we allow our parts of light and shadow to show because it is the combination of light and shadow that makes us unique beings in this Universe. In Tantra, you decide the path to follow since in Tantra there are no judgments.

What’s your choice today?

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