Tantra is a path open to everyone, men and women of all ages, ethnicities and sexual tastes. There are no limits other than the ones we set for ourselves.

Tantra is listening to oneself, accepting oneself and others without prejudice and without preconceived ideas. For us the most important thing is the love that comes from the heart. Everyone is welcome to our courses, regardless of their sexual preferences. If you sign up alone, there is a high probability that you will do the exercises with a person of the opposite sex, if you sign up as a couple you can do the exercises with your partner. 

During the courses we try to keep the masculine and feminine energy balanced. Single men and women are welcome. We will try to balance this energy by including people of the opposite sex.

During the course we will propose many practices and exercises. You can always choose whether to do them, whether to stop and when to resume them. The freedom to listen to yourself is a fundamental concept in Tantra, you will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do.

Some courses are specifically for those approaching Tantra for the first time, other courses are for everyone. You can participate in any of our courses without the need for previous experience.

In our basic 5 hour course there is no nudity. In the course of a day, some exercises involve partial or, optionally, full nudity. In the Tantric Massage Course and in the multi-day courses there are several exercises that involve complete nudity.

Exploring the world of Tantra: meaning, practice and benefits.

The philosophy and practice of Tantra, which brings together the body, mind and spirit, have fascinated people around the world for centuries. From its origins to its applications, Tantra offers a perspective on the deep connection between human beings and their environment. In this article we will explore aspects of Tantra and how Tantra Tenerife – a Tantra school located on the picturesque island of Tenerife – contributes to its understanding and application.

Originals and Evolution of Tantra

Tantra originates from the traditions of India and Tibet. Although it has evolved over time, its essence remains rooted in the expansion of consciousness and the search for unity. This philosophy has taken different forms in different cultures, but consistently emphasises inner exploration and connection to the world through self-acceptance.

Tantric massage; exploring sensations and spirituality

Tantric massage is a practice designed to awaken and channel energy throughout the body. With a focus on the quality of connection between people, this ancient technique is taught at Tantra Tenerife with sensitivity and respect. Participants are guided to the exploration of sensuality, and energy, with the aim of achieving understanding of themselves and others.

Understanding the purpose and practice of Tantra

The practice of Tantra aims to deepen one’s understanding of oneself and the universe. Through meditation, rituals and various exercises, it aims to unblock energy blocks and awaken the kundalini energy that lies dormant along the spine. Tantra Tenerife offers courses and workshops that guide participants in the exploration of these practices, equipping them with tools to improve self-awareness, quality of life and inner connection.

Tantra Yoga; going beyond physicality

Tantra Yoga, which falls under the umbrella of yoga practices, incorporates the principles of Tantra into its teachings. While conventional yoga often emphasises postures, Tantra Yoga goes further, integrating spirituality and sexual energy. By adopting this perspective, practitioners can cultivate a deep relationship with themselves and their surroundings.

Discovering Tantra in Tenerife; learning through experience

For those who are intrigued by Tantra, Tantra Tenerife offers an opportunity to explore. Specialising in Tantric massage and essential courses, this school offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in this world. To get in touch with Tantra Tenerife or to find out more about its events and workshops, you can contact +34.666.081.710visit the website www.tantratenerife.es and stay updated by following its Instagram profile (@tantratenerife) and Facebook page (@tenerifetantra).

In conclusion, Tantra offers a path to exploring and transforming oneself by opening the door to levels of consciousness and inner energy. Whether through Tantric massage or the practice of Tantra Yoga, this ancient tradition encourages individuals to delve into their inner selves. With Tantra Tenerife as your trusted companion, embarking on this journey can be both fun and enlightening. Feel invited to immerse yourself in the essence of Tantra and embark on a journey of connection and self-discovery.

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